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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAF Benefits?
SAF Benefits, powered by PerksConnect, is a valuable tool that members use to redeem discounts at thousands of business locations across the country. Members can search by city, state, and zip code for discounts either locally or when traveling. Discounts can be obtained through the following ways: in-store at the time of purchase; online by making purchases through a link; via an 800 number using a value code; or through downloadable coupons.

How do I find businesses in my area that offer discounts?
  • Go to and click on the member benefits link
  • Enter your zip code, address or city, state in the "Search for Local Discounts" box and click on "Search Discounts."
  • Click on any merchant name to view offer details.
  • Search additional offers from national brands using the other tabs listed across the top of the website.
  • Can I show my phone app and get the discount?

    In most cases with local businesses the answer is YES. However, some of the Featured Partners require a promotional code, on-line purchase or use of a toll free number to purchase the item or service at a discounted rate. For more information, please see the detail pages for each specific offer.

    How many places honor the PerksConnect discounts?
    Thousands of business locations throughout the U.S.

    Will you be adding more merchants?
    Yes, we are adding new merchants daily. We recommend visiting the program periodically to check for discounts from new national and local businesses.

    Do you take requests for merchants?
    Yes! If you would like to see a certain type of merchant or service, please click on the "Contact Us" link, and put the suggestion in the "What's on your mind?" field. When recommending the merchant please provide as much detail as possible (name, location, phone number, contact person, etc.) What do I do if a Merchant won't accept my discount? Please contact the PerksConnect Call Center (1-866-671-3322) for assistance.

    FAQ’s For Small Business Owners Interested in Marketing their Offers
    Thousands of national and local companies have turned benefit program members into their customers. It's time for you to do the same! If you would like to learn more about the PerksConnect Network and how you can benefit as one of our merchants, please feel free to contact us by email or by calling us at 1-877-671-3322.

    Why should I become a Benefit Program merchant?
    Becoming a Benefit Program merchant enables you to effectively promote your business to the program members, which would typically be inaccessible. When you join the Benefit Program you also have the opportunity to join the PerksConnect Network, one of the nation's fastest growing loyalty companies, alongside top retail brands. Joining will help you grow your sales and improve your bottom line through these benefits:
  • New merchants are announced to Benefit Program and PerksConnect corporate clients in their area.
  • Merchants can post information about their business, discounts/offers and printable coupons to the website.
  • Periodic emails are sent to registered members containing merchant information.
  • Free, time-saving management tools help merchants run their business more efficiently.
  • All merchants automatically get access to the same benefits available to cardholders - including a wide selection of discounts for everyday shopping.

  • Who has access to PerksConnect?
    There are millions of PerksConnect members nationwide. Members are typically added through organizations with more than 1,000 employees or members, as well as through local merchants whose customers may not be part of an active affinity group.

    How do I become a merchant?
    Merchants must be willing to offer a discount or incentive to our PerksConnect members. Please use “contact us” link to learn more.

    How do I change/update my discount?
    Simply submit the contact form to Perks with your update. In the “Direct To” field, please select “I am a PerksConnect merchant." State your company name and your update in the comments section of the form.
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